Vauxhall keys

Vauxhall keys

If you lose or break your Vauxhall car keys that last thing you want is the hassle of contacting your local garage or Vauxhall dealer, arranging to have your car towed and then waiting for replacement keys to be provided. What you want is one telephone number to call, minimal expense and little waiting time, especially if you need to use the car.

Vauxhall keys

The Auto Locksmith provides just that – a speedy, mobile car locksmith service that will come to you and provide you with replacement Vauxhall car keys. Serving London and the Home Counties, our mobile car locksmiths have the experience and equipment to deal with all Vauxhall car models at a fraction of the cost of the garage or dealer option.

Types of Vauxhall car keys

Vauxhall models use a number of key types. A standard manual key will open the door and start the car when turned in the ignition. A remote locking Vauxhall key will do the same, with the added functionality of locking and unlocking the car from buttons on the key fob. There are a few variations of the blade profiles on each key type. To help you, we have given each key type illustrated below a number so that when you talk to us, you can tell us which type of Vauxhall key your car uses. This will save our mobile locksmiths time as we can have replacement keys cut before we get to you. It is useful to note that the original style remote keys supplied with the Astra H and Vectra C are no longer produced and have been superseded by new flip style key fobs. Our car locksmiths know this so there is no need to worry if your replacement Vauxhall key fob looks slightly different to your original.

Both manual and remote locking keys contain a transponder key. This is not actually a key but rather a small chip concealed within the key that serves to deactivate the vehicle’s immobiliser box and allows it to start.

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How we make new Vauxhall keys

steps for replacing a lost Vauxhall key


Programming replacement Vauxhall keys

Vauxhall cars are popular on the road so we frequently have to provide replacement car keys. We have invested in software that is able to extract the security code to reprogram keys to the car’s immobiliser box. In fact, The Auto Locksmith can provide the full range of remote lock type keys for all Vauxhall models.

For replacement Vauxhall keys the two pieces of information required are the “key number” for cutting the key blade and the “security code” for programming the transponder chip and remote locking fob. This information is held on your Vauxhall car pass, a credit card sized piece of paper that is usually found in the front page of the black leather manual folder that is supplied with the car.

The Vauxhall car pass with the key and immobiliser codes

codes for replacing vauxhall car keys

You may have lost or misplaced this piece of information or never received it if the car was purchased second hand. Do not worry as our mobile locksmiths can still provide you with replacement Vauxhall keys – many other locksmiths are unable to do this because they have not invested in the specialist tools and equipment required to extract the required information.

For early Vauxhall cars, pre 2004, we usually take the lock out in order to cut a new key which means having to de-solder an e-eprom chip for the car’s immobiliser box as we have to obtain the 4 digit security code in order to program the key.

If you have lost your Vauxhall keys and the car is locked, our vehicle locksmiths will first gain entry into your car, remove the ignition barrel using specialist tools and extract the information required to cut a new working key. Then we can remove the immobiliser box to extract the security code to reprogram the key.

On some newer models it may be still necessary to obtain the car pass. We can obtain this on your behalf and all we need is the registration and VIN number.  The VIN number will be on you log book but will also be printed in the very corner of the dash near the the windscreen tax disk location. The below picture shows this.

replacement vauxhall keys from VIN

The Auto Locksmith is not just an emergency service so even if it is only a spare set of car keys that you require, we will still come to you and produce a new set of keys for you. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year and we will not be beaten on price!

You never know when you are going to have a problem with broken, lost or misplaced keys so if you live in, work in or are planning to visit anywhere in London and the Home Counties, do yourself a favour and make a note of The Auto Locksmith telephone number in advance or program it into your mobile phone. It will make solving the problem of replacement Vauxhall car keys much easier. The Auto Locksmith is at your service.

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