Car lock repair

Car lock repair

Repair for door locks and ignition barrels

There are times when lost or broken car keys aren’t the problem – it could be a damaged car lock, central locking mechanism problem or even a remote locking device issue. The Auto Locksmith provides a mobile car lock repair service capable of repairing or replacing car locks and ignition barrels. It’s a far cheaper option than the garage option and so much more convenient.

Common car lock problems

If you drive a Vauxhall, are you aware that most models are prone to jammed ignitions caused by air conditioning and high temperatures? With any car, you can discover that your key won’t turn in the ignition. At the roadside, The Auto Locksmith can remove the ignition barrel, disassemble it, make repair and reassemble it. Alternatively they are able to supply and fit a replacement ignition barrel.

Peugeot cars can experience problems with keys only going partway into the ignition and refusing to turn. The Auto Locksmith can make the necessary repair without even having to remove the ignition.

It doesn’t matter if you have different keys for your door locks or ignition because they can remove the old lock and re-order the pins or wafers to make it match the other locks.

The Auto Locksmith mobile service for ignition replacement and lock repair is currently available in London, Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. It covers the majority of vehicles on the road, including modern, high security models. The manufacturer range includes:

Audi- Citroen- Daewoo- Fiat- Ford- Honda- Hyundai- Jaguar- Jeep- Kia- Land Rover- Mazda- Mercedes-Benz – Mitsubishi- Nissan- Peugeot- Range Rover- Renault- Rover- Saab- Skoda- Subaru- Suzuki- Toyota- Vauxhall-Volvo- Volkswagen- VW

Keep your car lock problems simple and call The Auto Locksmith – the numbers you need are 0800 158 3798 or 07739383344.

Call us now to put an end to your lost car key headache. 0800 158 3798
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